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Cry for Health
The Casualty of Modern Times

Since the 1950s the prevalence of the so-called ‘diseases of civilisation’ - cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, autism, and so-on has continued to skyrocket in Western countries. Today, as the same story is beginning to be repeated in newly industrialised nations, modern diseases are reaching pandemic proportions.

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The Magic of Dragons
For the Young and the Young at Heart

The Magic of Dragons: For the Young and the Young at Heart emerged from Carola’s work as a trauma counsellor. After each day’s work supporting people suffering from the effects of various traumatic experiences, including victims of crime, and adult survivors of child abuse, she would ground herself, and reconnect with the healing world of imagination, by painting pictures of dragons.

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About Dragon Lair Publishing.

Dragon Lair Book PublishingDragon Lair Publishing is an independent publisher based in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. It was established in 2010 by two South Australian health professionals—and now children’s authors—Jesse Sleeman and Carola Maier, to not only publish their own works free of the constraints of traditional large publishers but also to provide self-publishing advice to other writers.

For many years Jesse has been a medical herbalist, Buteyko practitioner, and lecturer in western herbal medicine and medical philosophies. He is also a health writer. Carola is a Buteyko practitioner, psychotherapist and energy healer, and specialises in helping people suffering from the effects of various traumatic experiences, including victims of crime, and adult survivors of child abuse. She is also a book illustrator, and delights in painting pictures of dragons.

With their respective fields of expertise in helping and teaching others about health and healing, they chose, as the name of their publishing business, the powerful and ancient symbol of healing, the dragon; and the place where that magic is hatched—the dragon’s lair. Thus the mission of Dragon Lair Publishing is to hatch magic through its publications, and to help other writers with that desire.

The first book to be published by Dragon Lair Publishing was the first volume of Jesse’s Cry for Health, in August 2010 ( ISBN: 978 0 646 54233 1). The second, in February 2010, was Jesse and Carola’s co-authored children’s book, The Magic of Dragons (ISBN 978 0 646 54816 6). To cater for international demand for Cry for Health, and because of prohibitive postage costs, Dragon Lair Publishing created a print-on-demand edition of the book (ISBN 978 0 646 55216 3) by globally publishing on Lulu, a US based company. In October 2011 Lulu published an EPUB-formatted edition of Cry for Health, Vol 1, (ISBN: 978 1 4477 0401 0).

Many more publications are planned. Next will be Volume 2 of Cry for Health.