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The Magic of Dragons:

The Magic of Dragons For the Young and the Young at Heart emerged from Carola’s work as a trauma counsellor. After each day’s work supporting people suffering from the effects of various traumatic experiences, including victims of crime, and adult survivors of child abuse, she would ground herself, and reconnect with the healing world of imagination, by painting pictures of dragons.

Dragons are beings that have enchanted her since her childhood days living in the alpine and magical landscape of southern Bavaria, where her grandmother entranced her with stories about these beautiful creatures. The poems were created by both Carola and her partner Jesse to capture the essence of each of the pictures.

Through the pictures and accompanying poems in this book, children enter the mythical world of dragons with their legendary strength, serenity, majesty and wisdom. This imaginary world offers children a gateway into creating their own imaginary safe place. The message of the book is: be kind to and respect all creatures, all people, and all of nature; for our world and everything in it is magical and special.

As if an ancient memory within humanity’s collective unconscious, dragons have always stirred the imagination of people. For the Christian Church, however, throughout its history, the dragon, and it’s wingless cousin, the snake, have been symbols of evil, darkness, the Devil, the Temptor, death, paganism and heresy. Hence, in the West, dragons have had a bad press for two millennia, and dragon slayers have been lauded as heroes.

In earlier times, though, in all cultures the dragon symbolised the unity of matter and spirit, beast and bird. It has been variously known as the Earth Mother, Dana, the Great Serpent, Lindworm, the Mother of Waters, Tiamat, the warrior sun god, Kulkulkan, Quetzalcoatl, Amaru, Boi-tata, Quiche Gukumatz, Makara the sea-goat or elephant-headed god, Loong, Naga, Ryu, Yong, Lac Long Quan, Bakonawa. And in Australia, Aboriginal people still relate the story of how the Rainbow Serpent, the biggest of the Dreamtime Beings, shaped the earth, and that to this day it inhabits permanent deep waterholes.

Being a manifestation of the unity of life-giving water and the breath of life, the dragon was the first of the sky gods and earthly masters, and hence came to be associated with emperors and kings. In indigenous American and Indian traditions the dragon was thought to control the rain, clouds, thunder, lightning, vegetation, and fertility in general, and was associated with the tops of mountains. In Egypt, Babylonia, China, Japan and India the dragon was considered to be not only the controller of water, but also the very impersonation of water and its life-giving powers that give, maintain, and prolong life and guard against all kinds of danger to life.

On the one hand, the dragon was the guardian of treasures and of the portals of esoteric knowledge; and on the other, it was a symbol of untamed nature, of wildness and wild animal instincts. In other words, the dragon is nature’s bringer of good luck, the rejuvenator of mankind, and the giver of immortality.

Indeed, far from being a mythical relic of ancient times, the dragon, to this very day, is revered in the East, and appears as the national emblem on two flags: as the White Dragon on the flag of Bhutan, and as the Red Dragon on the flag of Wales.


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About Dragon Lair Publishing.

Dragon Lair Book PublishingDragon Lair Publishing is an independent publisher based in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. It was established in 2010 by two South Australian health professionals—and now children’s authors—Jesse Sleeman and Carola Maier, to not only publish their own works free of the constraints of traditional large publishers but also to provide self-publishing advice to other writers.

For many years Jesse has been a medical herbalist, Buteyko practitioner, and lecturer in western herbal medicine and medical philosophies. He is also a health writer. Carola is a Buteyko practitioner, psychotherapist and energy healer, and specialises in helping people suffering from the effects of various traumatic experiences, including victims of crime, and adult survivors of child abuse. She is also a book illustrator, and delights in painting pictures of dragons.

With their respective fields of expertise in helping and teaching others about health and healing, they chose, as the name of their publishing business, the powerful and ancient symbol of healing, the dragon; and the place where that magic is hatched—the dragon’s lair. Thus the mission of Dragon Lair Publishing is to hatch magic through its publications, and to help other writers with that desire.

The first book to be published by Dragon Lair Publishing was the first volume of Jesse’s Cry for Health, in August 2010 ( ISBN: 978 0 646 54233 1). The second, in February 2010, was Jesse and Carola’s co-authored children’s book, The Magic of Dragons (ISBN 978 0 646 54816 6). To cater for international demand for Cry for Health, and because of prohibitive postage costs, Dragon Lair Publishing created a print-on-demand edition of the book (ISBN 978 0 646 55216 3) by globally publishing on Lulu, a US based company. In October 2011 Lulu published an EPUB-formatted edition of Cry for Health, Vol 1, (ISBN: 978 1 4477 0401 0).

Many more publications are planned. Next will be Volume 2 of Cry for Health.


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